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Dec 17

The Complete Guide to Office Cleaning Services and How They Can Improve Your Company's Image

Introduction: Office Cleaning Services Statistics & the Importance of Professional Cleaning

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Many people don’t realize how important professional cleaning can be to their day-to-day lives. The reality is that the average office building in the United States accumulates about 10 pounds of dust and other particles per square foot per year. This, in turn, leads to a variety of health problems and productivity issues. Here are some statistics that might help you see just how important professional cleaning can be:

- Office buildings in South Africa accumulate approximately 10 pounds of dust and other particles per square foot every year

- The average office worker spends 8 hours a day in an uncleaned office building

- A poorly maintained office space can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and fatigue among employees

office cleaning services cape town cbd

What is a Professional Office Cleaner's Job Description?

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A professional office cleaner is someone who goes to an office building or workplace and cleans up the offices. They are often hired by an employer or cleaning service. Office cleaners are usually given specific tasks they need to complete during their shift.

The most common tasks for office cleaners are vacuuming, dusting, mopping, scrubbing toilets, cleaning windows and mirrors, wiping down desks with disinfectant wipes, and more.

How to Hire a Professional Office Cleaner and What Factors Influence the Cost of their Services?

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The cost of hiring a professional cleaner is determined by various factors. Some of the most important ones are the number of hours, the complexity of tasks, location, and size. From that perspective, different jobs will have different prices for the same company.

The hourly rate is one factor that influences the overall cost. This includes both minimum and maximum rates. The higher the hourly rate, the more expensive will be the service.

Another factor that influences price is location. Obviously, services in Cape Town CBD are more expensive than services in the rural Karoo because there are more people who need help with cleaning or similar services in Cape Town than in the rural Karoo.

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