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Homeowners! Find out if it's time to Replace Your Windows!

Apr 22

Like all fixtures, windows need to be replaced every now and again. Sometimes it is easy to decide when windows should be replaced. Other times, it can be difficult.

How many years have your windows been in use? If you don't know the answer, it is likely that it's time for new windows. It's not difficult to determine when your windows need to be replaced if you pay attention to the right indicators.

When should you replace your windows

These are the most obvious signs that any window will show to let you know that it's time for a replacement.

Your windows have been damaged.

Are your windows cracked, warped, or chipped Are they letting in drafts or leaking? It could be gradual wear or damage from a storm. You should immediately fix it.

You should be replacing windows if they are damaged. Windows should be replaced even if they appear to be 'only' cracked, warped. Windows can warp from moisture in wood. If this is why you are replacing them with new windows, replace the frames.

You may notice your windows becoming drafty. This could be a sign of several problems. Drafts can be caused by a house shifting or the windows not fitting in the frame properly. This can also occur when frames become worn down or worsen over time. While you may be able to patch the area temporarily with the draft, it is important that the  window be replaced as soon as possible.

Window seal failure

Homes with triple-pane windows have a higher energy efficiency, and a slower thermal transfer rate than single pane windows.

Window seal failure can cause double- and triple-pane windows to lose their visual appeal.

To determine if a seal is broken, check for dirt, fog or haze between the panes. If the seal is broken, you may notice a slight distortion in the center of the pane when standing outside.

The window is showing signs of condensation.

Your windows should not have any moisture inside. Although condensation is less noticeable than rain water gushing into your home, it is still important to be aware of. You should have a tight seal around your windows. If the seal is broken or worn, moisture can enter and cause condensation or even ice.

This problem is more common in single-paned windows but can also occur with double-paned glasses. Double-paned windows that show condensation are usually caused by a leak. The gap between the panes is filled with argon gas to act as insulation. You will notice condensation on your window glass if there are any leaks or that gas escapes. You should replace your windows immediately you spot a problem to prevent further damage.

Water intrusion

Water can get into your house if the gap between the window frame & the wall isn't sealed properly. This is a serious problem as water can remain in the wall for a long time if it isn't fixed.

The wall can become rotted from the inside if the water continues to build up. The window will have to be replaced or repaired. Additionally, the wall of the house will also need to be fixed. Mold and mildew may also be an issue.

In its early stages, water intrusion may be difficult to detect. Check for staining in the interior walls, particularly near the bottom of the windows. After a rainstorm, check for moisture in that same area.

Is water leaking through your window frames during heavy rain?

This indicates that your windows are not closing tightly enough.

To make sure it works properly, first check the locking mechanism. It could be allowing water through if it isn't locking tightly enough.

Broken or missing hardware

Windows hardware can take a beating and may eventually fail due to operator error, normal wear and tear or user error.

Inspect all hardware, including locks and handles, on your windows.

Inability or difficulty opening

It is a good time to inspect the hardware of your windows. If the window is having difficulty opening or closing, this could be an indication that the hinges or hardware need maintenance.

Your windows might not close and open as smoothly if they have been in use for a while. This could indicate that there is debris in the track. Use a damp cloth to clean them and then apply lubricant.

This may not solve the problem. To determine if springs or moving parts need to be replaced, check the following:

Your problem may be more complicated if your window frames are made of wood. Swelling could cause jamming or difficulty opening windows.

Wood expands when it is exposed to humidity or dampness. Wood should return to its original size when it is exposed to temperature fluctuations. You may have to sand down the frames or replace them if they do not return to their original size.

Broken panes of glass

Window panes can be cracked by branches from trees, birds that fly off, or rocks from lawnmowers. Like cracks in your windshield, the cracks in your window can start small but then grow over time due to exposure to freezing and thawing.

Clean both the inside and the outside of each window thoroughly. Then, look for cracks and fix them immediately.

The window is not opening or closing properly.

Your windows should be easy to open. The tracks may not be functional and your windows won't open easily. They could have become misaligned or warped, or may be clogged with dirt. To get your window to work, you will need to fight with it. You can quickly fix the problem by spraying some dishwashing liquid onto them. While this will not fix the problem permanently, it will allow you to open it.

A common problem with opening and closing windows is when they won't close. It can be frustrating to not be able to open the window. Many people wedge it open. This is not a good idea for safety. It's time to consider new windows if this happens.

Rotted exterior wood trim

The classic, visually appealing choice for home design is wood frames. This material requires regular maintenance and window inspection.

The exterior wood trim must be protected from the elements by being sanded and scraped. Moisture can seep into wood and cause structural instability.

Inspect wood trim for any signs of rot or peeling paint/stain.

Higher energy bills are required to pay

If your windows fail, you will see an increase in your energy bills. If your windows aren't working properly, you will need to run your HVAC unit continuously. This is the main reason you pay high bills.

You can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint by installing new windows. These windows will provide excellent insulation. They keep warm air inside during winter and let it out during summer. This will save you money on heating and cooling your home.

Noise can be heard even when the windows are closed.

Is traffic noise getting inside your home, even though your windows are closed?

Your windows may not be as efficient as they could be

Double-paned windows with high-quality soundproofing are available.

Your home is being renovated or sold.

It's a great time to replace windows if you are renovating your home. It might be time for a home makeover. It is possible to still have single-pane glass.

You can make a huge difference in the value of your house by installing new windows. Not only will you be more likely to sell your house quickly, but also increase the price of your home. It's worth the extra cost. You can get up to 85% back on your investment.

How do you choose your replacement windows

It doesn't need to be difficult to decide when to replace your windows. It is as easy as realizing that your home is ready to be renovated. This is one of the most efficient ways to renovate your house. It takes just a few days to install. But how do you choose the right replacement windows?

Determine if your windows are in need of replacement or repair.

It is a good idea to inspect your existing windows and determine if there are any problems. Is it worth replacing your windows with cheaper ones? You may not have to replace drafty or rattling windows.

By removing painted windows, a skilled carpenter can do wonders. They can also replace damaged panes and hardware. They can also add weather stripping to the window or frame it. These types of repairs cost anywhere from $100 to $350 for labor and parts. Window repair is only temporary. It is temporary and does not fix the problem. You will eventually lose your money.

Choose energy-efficient windows

Americans spend an average of $1000 per year on their heating and cooling bills. If homes choose energy-efficient windows, they can save up to 40% on their energy bills. This could result in a return on investment (or ROI) in less than 10 year depending on how many windows you have.

Choose the right window material

Lumber is fast grown and farmed in today's industry. This produces lighter and less dense lumber. This is why today's window wooden frames are less durable than the ones made 100 years ago. Vinyl is a better option than wood if you have a tight budget. Vinyl windows are the most economical option. Vinyl windows are durable and can withstand all weather conditions. They also require very little maintenance. To get an idea of the cost to replace your windows, you can use our free replacement window cost calculator.

Choose windows that will guarantee your security

Check the security features, regardless of price. Low-quality materials, fragile latches and breakable glass are some of the features that make windows expensive. Safety and security for your family members should be a top priority. Yes, even for windows on the second or third floors. The ladders are brought by skilled thieves.

Choose windows that complement your home style

Windows are an aesthetic matter! Did you know that the wrong windows can reduce the property's value? This could also make your home less attractive. This can make all the difference in a buyers market. Look for windows that replicate the original architectural design. It might be worthwhile to search for a replacement.

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